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I don´t like the buisness model of Adobe. We will see where this leads ( and think to know it already... ). But you did create an incredible suit of products, nobody can take that away.

Adobe inside~

How long before Allegorithmic support ends i wonder ;)

P.S: Prepare for adobe shutting down the license servers, don't think they wont.
This is mainly my concern and my question, as well.  Substance recently integrated into Vue (YAY!!!!), and I really depend upon the Modo integration already.  Now that Adobe has waded into the 3D arena, they are now a competitor for all of these other 3D programs. 

Can we be offered any sort of assurances at all that further 3rd party support will continue to be offered and updated?  Or should I being adapting to a different workflow now, that bypasses the use of these plugins?  (I really, really love Substance, ever since the Beta, I am just wading into a double-set of large projects and would like to hammer out kinks before they happen.)

Also, should we be backing up our Substance Share downloads and Substance Source purchases, or will those databases continue to be maintained?  (I lost my order history entirely on the last big store/database change.)

Thank you very much for all of your years of hard work, for making such fabulous software that makes life so much easier, and for anything and everything you do to help us make this transition a little smoother!

Allegorithmic - You have sold out. I don't know how else to put it.

And you have broken our trust and all hope.

This is a disgrace.

The pigs have won tonight.

As an indie, and as a teacher, I just cannot see this in a positive light.
Time will tell. Let's hope my foreboding is wrong.

Very few things make me react out loud when I'm on my computer, but seeing this news in my Twitter feed brought out an audible "oh no" from me.  As a user, I see this as terrible news.

I'm still using Adobe CS5 and it looks like I'll be using my perpetual Substance Painter/Designer 2018 licenses for the next decade as well.  Glad I bought it when it was perpetual.  I hate saas and won't be participating.  Good luck.  Hopefully Adobe won't kill this wonderful software.

I feel sick.  I've used, supported, bought this suite of products since it was called MapZone.  (Anyone else remember those days?) Now three things are guaranteed:
1: The suite will be priced so that only the one percenters can use it, destroying the hobbiest community.
2: The linux version will be obfuscated.
3: Innovation will come to a screeching halt as innovation and improvement patches are replaced with little more than paid bug fixes.
I am genuinely happy for the team though since I assume they will soon be bathing in bathubs filled with gold doubloons. It's been fun to watch this suite of apps evolve from it's infancy but this really does seem like the end of the journey. 

Our team needs hard facts and advice on what to do next.  If we drop all our subscriptions and instead go ahead and buy the yearly perpetual licenses are we guaranteed to be allowed to use those in unfettered fashion forever?  This is kind of urgent.  We only use linux in our shop and we need to know if we can snag a version that will work in perpetuity before it is gone.

Another thing - I'm a bit disappointed you couldn't run that decision by your customers (we pay your salaries)  before making that decision. Like maybe a poll on the forum or something. That makes me think you don't really care what we think.

Well hope it won't be the biggest mistake you ever did!

Too bad, it was nice to see a company that wasn't adobe or autodesk make a run for it.  Agree with everyone else that Adobe will kill Substance eventually.   Good while it lasted I guess.  Too bad Sebastian couldn't just leave for a new job instead of selling out the whole company!  :(

All the team members and all the offices are staying as is, nobody leaves, all the products are stll being developed the same way and by the same people.
This is not about money per say (hard to sell I know :) ) but about having the resources to build the greatest tools we can.

You guys have always been great and I *really* want to believe this. I'm certain this is how the arrangement is written, but I don't expect it to last. I've seen this before and fully expect it to turn south.

Team members will leave, licenses will change, costs will rise, development will falter. That is the Adobe way.

Member all those cool youtube videos, member when you could read staff coments on forum and think that they wr on ''your side'', member Wes?

Seems to me like killing creativity with an Adobe subscription.
I will never subscribe to Adobe products - their model really sucks.
At least I have perpetual licenses for SP, SD and B2M3 but we will see what transpires with those.

To say the least - very disappointed.

I have adobe, I have substance. But, I still very much like the idea of perpetual license and Adobe are not cheap.

So, I guess, the existing license holders should get an option to buy perpetual at the end of license term.
And this is what was promised at the time of purchase, I suppose you guys will stick to your promise.
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Another thing - I'm a bit disappointed you couldn't run that decision by your customers (we pay your salaries)  before making that decision. Like maybe a poll on the forum or something. That makes me think you don't really care what we think.
Ofcourse they dont care. And never did. They have a corporate soul, not a creative one.

I'm scared, somebody hold me.
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