Author Topic: Allegorithmic is joining the Adobe family (part 1)  (Read 237168 times)

this is a really really sad move in IMO :-(

I'm pretty sure I'll be cancelling this month. I'm an intermediate level user looking to bump it up, but this past year I spent a bunch of time getting out of the Adobe ecosystem (Photoshop to Krita, AE to Hitfilm, etc). So this is obviously rough news. I loved Substance, but time to say goodbye. Another one bites the dust.

My feelings right now, goodbye all.

This is the worst possible news. Adobe is the opposite of innovative.

I fully expect to let my subscription expire and not renew.

Thank you, Allegorithmic, for all you've given us, but this looks like the end.

We will announce new licensing options later this year, but again, rest assure it will be cheap and have a lot of value, we wouldn't settle for anything else.

I'm sorry I can't reply to everyone personnaly, that a lot of you, but we understand your apprehension and the last thing we want is to deceive you or lose your trust. We will keep on delivering and we will keep on being Indie friendly.

For licensing options do you mean they will replace the current ones or they will be added to the current ones?

Because I'm pretty sure the first thing will see gone forever - and in a very short time - will be the perpetual license.

I agreed to your subscription model because it was fair, with a perpetual option to redeem, and the money goes to you Allegorithmic not Adobe. I'd choose a perpetual over anything, so if it's going to end bad I'll find something else in the competition like others. Start looking around from now on.

Oh, and don't worry about deception and trust, you probably lost both today in one shot. Will see in few months or weeks how bad will be, it's Adobe we are talking about, it's serious enough to raise concern in anyone inside and outside this community.

Who would've thought my first message in the forum would be for something like this. :o

@Jeremie Noguer

Plain and simple question, will permanent licenses stay in your licensing options? (in the future)

This is a key question, one of the reasons I adopted Substance Painter was that if I have a cash flow problem in my studio I can keep using my licenses without paying anything more, if permanent licenses will disappear I want to know it with enough time to brace ourselves, this will make me jump out of the boat, no matter how much we like the software :P


And I praised Allegorithmic for providing a "rent-to-own" option, perpetual licenses and all that... It stops now. Adobe will destroy all of that reputation and trust you've built over the years, it will become a subscription with other Adobe garbage people don't want or need.

I'll sadly chime in and quote one of the first posts on this thread:

Good god guys. How could you?  :-\

Not to belabor the point... when I saw the title of this thread show up in my inbox this morning, the first emotion to course through my veins was GUT-WRENCHING FEAR, and the first words to spurt from my mouth was literally, "Oh NO!!". Just like Mortal Engines, the traction city Adobe is swallowing up anything useful to artists and slapping a blood-sucking eel called "Subscription" on to it.

The decision to move to Adobe seems almost unanimously an unwelcome one by the indie users of Substance. (Obviously, big studios who are already bound in Adobe's shackles will not care.) As an indie artist, I have never supported the Adobe model, and likely never will. The only reason I have a Substance subscription is because of the option to upgrade to a perpetual license at the end of it. When Sony sold Vegas Pro to Magix and continued development of their new "subscription only" NLE software, "Catalyst", they never saw even a trial version installed on my computer and I unsubscribed from all Sony marketing emails.

All I can hope is Substance Painter gets the ability to paint across multiple texture sets simultaneously and multiple axis symmetry while we still have the option to upgrade to a perpetual license... before London... ahem, Adobe, swallows this wonderful program whole and spits out its bones.  :'(

Adam Janz

Oh No!

THIS is the worst thing that could happen to Substance!

once it was a strong software.. and loooong awaited after BodyPaint..
Then the software got improved, gained new features and had brilliant guys!
The community did grow and we all been happy to have something SPECIAL in the hands.. not branded by adobe.. someone who was independent...

and now this :(

After that move i expect the software to become a complete desaster tbh...
everything they touch is crap!

my personal opinion and not reflecting the opinion of my company!


Alarming news...
Now you will be part of a big aka "creative" machine for making money. And not pioneers who are led by the idea of excellent creativity, who wanted to change a future of CG industry.
Nevertheless, the whole team that worked on Substance products for so many years deserves a low bow! I am sure that for many ordinary employees this is also not a very pleasant change.
Good luck! Bless you, guys!

There is currently no change to the licensing models. We will announce new options in the coming months but rest assure that it will be really fair.
Its never fair with you. I did buy Substance Painter on steam once when it was in Alpha stage, and guess what, they ditched it and I never get a chance to use a full version. You are not honest or fair by any means.

Really sad to hear that.
Adobe grows, Substance dies.

Change is always shocking I feel everyone's disappointment, but also understand the excitement the Allegorithmic crew must be feeling right now. I'd never want to taint that with pessimism of negativity so congrats to everyone at Allegorthmic.

Adobe's pricing model is not as bad as Autodesk's so at least there's that. I believe a tighter integration with Adobe products can only make 3d better so I'm optimistic.

I do have a question though regarding my account I recently upgrade from stand alone licenses to an annual subscription one month ago. I also have an adobe CC subscription. Will I be receiving a refund for the annual license I just subscribed to. No reason to be double paying.


This is terrible news :(

You've sold out to a company that will just ruin everything you've built. Clearly just for money too as Adobe can't offer you anything better than that.This seems just greedy and disrespectful to your users. No doubt I'm going to be forced to buy into Adobe's ridiculous Creative Shroud nonsense for a while..

I guess it opens up the opportunity for the competition to move in now though.

Did I say this was terrible news:(