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So first Allegorithmic ditches the 'rent to buy' scheme which I loved, and now you've sold your soul to the devil of CG, Adobe. I won't be signing up for a subscription, so when you stop my copy of Painter working, I guess I'll be done with Substance, which is real shame.

Also, it makes me wonder about the legality of simply stopping a license for a product I've bought and paid for. I hope you honour the perpetual licenses I have and not let Adobe bully me into a subscription, which, of course, I will not take.

This is all terribly bad news for users (especially the little guys, like me). But well done for cashing in, and I hope you enjoy the proceeds from your Adobe shares.

Before everyone departs to pursue their Elon Musk entrepreneurial dreams ('cuz now they have the monies  ;D).....



Sincere Congratulations!

"Hey, uuhh... just was wondering is this an out of season april fools joke?"

"when it comes to licensing, nothing changes for now" IMO I am very disappointed with allegorithmic after reading this

You are then going to lose me.  I do not like Adobe Subscriptions.  In February my CC plan ends and I will NOT be signing up again.  Sad to see this company fold into Adobe.  Allegorithmic was great.  I will miss using it.  Too bad you did not take a survey of your users before you did this.  I am certain others will remain and hold their nose at Adobe's subscription service.

I only want programs that I own, not rent.  Aloha.
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The Substance suite is, with engines opening to all, the best thing that happened to the video games industry this last decade.

It is a well known fact that Adobe has no interest at all in games, or real time rendering in general. They will either abandon or kill game-specific features in the coming years. Just see what happened to Mixamo. They just want some new Photoshop 3D and incrustation tools.

Oh and that blog post by "Seb" was horrid. Reminded me of my former egomaniacal boss.

You guys at Allegorithmic can't be happy about this. I hope you are OK and if it indeed goes badly you'll be fine. The Clermont-Ferrand job market isn't that rich, unfortunately.

As an individual developer spending time with Substance was one of the favorite aspects of my work. I probably won't be able to offer a CC subscription for this because it's a small part of my overall workflow. This announcement really pains me.

This is the first time in 35 years that i'm seriously sad and gut wrenched about software. I heard mumblings about this already in summer 2017 and it sounded as unbelievable back then as it sounds now that its official. Many (if not most people) using substance despise adobe, their lack of creativity, their sloppy software updates, their non existent support, their unwillingness or unabilty to improve, their ecosystem that forces everyone to own it just because the others work with it (who work with it cause others work with it (who work with it cause others work with it)), their lost focus, their development of new apps - half arsed and then ditched a few years later, the clumsiest attempts on making anything 3d related you can imagine, and the absolute standstill on their core apps shortly after introducing subscription only. Photoshop, Illustrator and AfterEffects are in the saddest state software can be in 2019.

I am seriously in a shock right now. i was kind of hoping allegorithmic would one day take on adobe. all i can do is hope for the best.
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Sad and worrying news to be honest...

You guys now promising that nothing will change that much in some near future, maybe it is a part of a deal, but in a long term, it is no longer your decision.
What about Indie Licensing?
What about Share and Source?

I am so afraid now, because as far as I know, Adobe has questionable quality updates for a few years, with tonnes of bugs and problems with new releases...
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That's the worst news I could imagine hearing. Adobe is a monster I don't wish to ever have to deal with again. I'm afraid you just lost a customer.

I wont stop talking about Substance, about how great it is and how amazing the people behind it really are, but now, I am scared.

Linux version will remain and not abandoned? Can anyone confirm?
Yes, they will remain.

Thank you.

Not going to lie this is really sad news...

I don't think Adobe can keep us from using our current Substance Products under the current non-Adobe license. But requirements of an update, even if it appears to be just an extension of the current license, may entail needing to subscribe to Adobe in the future. This is not good.  Substance was a great independent product, Adobe is just about acquisition, licensing and marketing. Very unfortunate.

We will announce new licensing options later this year, but again, rest assure it will be cheap and have a lot of value, we wouldn't settle for anything else.

Translation: subscription model. But if you do that, please don't take away the perpetual licenses. (Though, as someone has mentioned already, you might not be able to make that decision yourselves anymore.)

Every time a software or website I used got bought by another, bigger company, things got worse for us, the customers. Some of them were axed, some just got bad. It might not happen overnight, but eventually, I'm afraid it might happen with Substance, too.

Sorry Guys have to agree Adobe is defo not the way to go so far you have been making a great set of products but all Adobe seems to do is mess with what works and break it wonder what Cs model they try to wrap this up in.