Author Topic: Allegorithmic is joining the Adobe family (part 1)  (Read 235100 times)

All the team members and all the offices are staying as is, nobody leaves, all the products are stll being developed the same way and by the same people.
This is not about money per say (hard to sell I know :) ) but about having the resources to build the greatest tools we can.

Are you telling me you guys became an Adobe company without a hefty sum of money involved at all? Yeah right.

Why was Adobe interested, so they could better use all the resources that they had no other use for? Yeah I'm sure they do not want to profit at all. Sorry, this is either incredibly naive or just sugar coating. You didn't need more resources, you managed to create a software that has become an industry standard all without resources of Autodesk or Adobe.

I'm personally gutted by this, nothing Adobe does is positive. They have the worst licensing model in the industry, and are the opposite of customer focused.  A sad day for the industry.

However, congrats to the Allegorithmic team, I have to assume they will get financial rewards for their hard work.

This Fucking sucks! Adobe Sucks and ruins everything they touch! they're the Microsoft of Macs!
Nice knowing you!

This Fucking sucks! Adobe Sucks and ruins everything they touch! they're the Microsoft of Macs!
Nice knowing you!

Maybe Materialize will start to take off.

No answer on future linux support? (2 people asked already).

Well, I guess this is the end then, Adobe Painter and Adobe Designer are coming. Such a waste :C

I don't want to believe indie versions are going to dye it seams like it.  Also CC is not available in whole Europe. Basically there are two ways price will only increase. So what I would like to know if there will be 30$ option of allego suite + photoshop because that is all I need. And I don't use photoshop anymore since they sanctioned usage of it for most of Europe countries (talking about photograph plan).

I was wondering why the change in payment model that Allegorithmic had a bit ago. Now finding out Adobe has been on the board for the last two years only confirms my suspicions. I've been touting the "Allegorithmic" way of doing things (as far as payment plans) for as long as I've been using the software, as the way this SaaS crap should be done. But now I see it was just a "How to boil of frog" method of movement. I hope I'm wrong...

I just wanted to voice my opinion as both a Substance user and an Adobe user. I am NOT a fan of this move. As a individual creator I cannot afford on going subscriptions. and I rankle at the notion of having my creations and my ability to do my work held hostage by a monthly subscription fee. After Adobe's CS6 I have not purchased any of their products, because of their move to a subscription only model. As much as I love Substance, I can't afford a monthly subscription. I really liked being able to purchase a piece of software once and not having to worry about it.

I know that my two cents on the topic will have no effect Allegorithmic's decisions, but I needed to say it at least once.

Oh man... CC has NEVER worked right on my machine (Having to Re-Install everything after any restart), and I finally got all those program files off my Hard Drive! Looks like i'll have to wad back into that cesspool... I love the Substance Suite to death but there must be some consequences in store.

if you no longer offer perpetual license like adobe, i will stop using substance products.
sorry, i do not speak english well. to write and read i use the google translator.

We will announce new licensing options later this year, but again, rest assure it will be cheap and have a lot of value, we wouldn't settle for anything else.

I'm sorry I can't reply to everyone personnaly, that a lot of you, but we understand your apprehension and the last thing we want is to deceive you or lose your trust. We will keep on delivering and we will keep on being Indie friendly.

I almost never posted anything on Allegorithmic Forums but felt I needed to stop working to write to you guys, now.

Seriously guys, this is the worst that could happen. All Adobe softwares that people were trusting in the past are now buggy, bloated, slow, full of shiny features. All they do is releasing new features to justify selling more. Ask the shareholders!

Since about 2 or 3 years, I made the hard decision to slowly migrate away from Adobe. The only thing that gets me glued to Adobe today are the clients who won’t dare move forward.

You guys should have asked your loyal users if you needed help. Adobe will, very slowly, eat you from the inside and leave an empty, shallow shell once known as Allegorithmic.

This is a very, very sad day.

Linux version will remain and not abandoned? Can anyone confirm?

Why was Adobe interested, so they could better use all the resources that they had no other use for?

It's likely that Adobe has seen their share of texturing pipeline decline with the quality of alternatives like Painter/Designer/Mari et al causing people to abandon traditional software.

Right now I am saving up for Zbrush and crossing fingers that Autodesk never gets their hooks in them.