Author Topic: Allegorithmic is joining the Adobe family (part 1)  (Read 190938 times)

Sad...really sad...

@nmargie This can't be further from the truth though,Adobe has a great track record at integrating companies. Even Photoshop was an acquisition, and the team is still there more than 20 years later.

Yeah right.
Some of us remember Macromedia. Where are they now?

This is a sad day as yet another great independent business gets devoured wholesale by the multinationals.  :'(

As long as my one off  Indy payment isn't affected. I can't afford Substance Painter on subscription and I haven't even used Designer yet which I got for xmas.   

Sad to hear about Allegorithmic's assimilation merging into the Borg "Happy Happy Abobe Family."

I, too, was paid for a sub for one year on the indie license  and had hoped to buy  perpetual license ... well I have about 10 months to figure out an alternative workflow.

Good luck and I'm outa here.

First time on the forum here. I've been a user for more than one year and I LOVED all Substance products! I had the option to continue my subscription in November, but due to financial reasons decided to just buy a perpetual license. I think I'm kinda lucky to have done it before this sad news.

The thing is, sometimes monopolies buy software (with the hope) to make money, but other times they buy software only to keep it from growing exponentially, because it can threaten to disrupt the market. Monopolies don't want other potential monopolies to start growing. Monopolies see where a software grows too much in popularity and want to curb down the line a bit, otherwise, this is threatening the monopolies' peace and and quiet in the future.

I don't use Adobe products any more, due to the subscription model. In the long run users do pay more compared to just buying the software license once and for all, and then paying some only for updates. Also, subscription models don't encourage innovation for the simple reason that users pay anyway with or without new features, just to use it. But if users pay only for updates, then this stimulates the company to innovate. So yes, subscription models are the ultimate epitome of corporate greed and have nothing to do with innovation. There's no incentive to innovate. Why? Users pay you every month regardless... Of course Adobe and Autodesk will become lazy!!

I'm very disappointed today by this news! I am a Blender user and am so relieved to know that as an open source it can't be bought! Same as Linux! I will root even harder for Blender to implement texture making in it. I will still use my Substance products since I already bought perpetual license for them. But will be ready to jump ship if Adobe threatens me to start paying for what I already own and had paid for.

Is this an out of season April Fool’s joke?

I guess we have to pray to see Alchemist and VR support, but this means we can kiss goodbye to Black Friday sales and perpetual licenses now.

30$ per month for indies on the Allegorithmic suite by next year I guess.. mandatory "creative cloud" subscription model, server-based updates,  countless online storage offers and a "tech support" probably made of swallowed Allegorithmic manuals and employees.

regarding mixamo: the good thing about the changes since adobe: rigging and animations are free now (not sure for how long)
the bad thing: many features got stripped away: fuse, blending animations using online tools, and more importantly: the control rig

not sure, if those features are still available somehow, I just can't find them on the mixamo website anymore

I rarely ever post on forum threads. But for this one...

I've been using Substance Painter since the 2.4 version and bought every upgrade for an indie license up til now (2019). I love this software. I have the same concerns as anybody in here.

- What will happen to my indie license? Will perpetual indie licenses still be continued? And for how long?
- I have never considered subscription-based as an option and I don't plan to. Are you going to go in this direction in the future?
- Was this really a wise decision? I mean, it's too late now, but we all know what the likes of Adobe can do. Autodesk the worst of them all.

Overall, I don't quite know how to feel about this exactly. Maybe upset? Or afraid of what's coming next?

Adobe inside~

How long before Allegorithmic support ends i wonder ;)

P.S: Prepare for adobe shutting down the license servers, don't think they wont.

Holy cow.

When will we have any news on the licensing future? What will happen to Substance Share (joining Behance?) Substance Source ?

For the moment, we'll just have to wait&see I think.

God of Materials & 3D Stuff, please be kind to us.

"We will share more details about these new and exciting licensing options at a later date."

Noone was waiting for those 'new and exciting licensing options'...

'Your current licenses will continue running and getting updates.'

Great. And when it runs out? Subscription only with Creative Cloud? Thats what I'd call 'new and exciting' all right.

Wow, this is not positive news.   I have loved using substance for several years now and was always happy to support an awesome team.  However, this is very worrying to see.  I really really hope that I am wrong about this being a bad thing but I am not optimistic.

This Fucking sucks! Adobe Sucks and ruins everything they touch! they're the Microsoft of Macs!
Nice knowing you!

So check it out.
I want to not renew my Adobe CC subscription and they want to charge me 10 bucks because the only option is to cancel my current subscription which is due for renewal this April. Really? I can't just set to not renew? I have to cancel the current plan now and give Adobe 10 dollars??? Corporate bullshit.
That's what you're going to become. I'm even more mad right now.

This makes me sad. More than any news about aqcuisitions like Vue, VRED, Discreet Edit* I owned licenses of.