Author Topic: Allegorithmic is joining the Adobe family (part 1)  (Read 208258 times)

Rest In Pease, guys, you were the best until this deal

Well this is faking retarted! If i only knew... I just bought my 1st SP... Probably my 1st and last purchase...

Goddamn, I JUST started to finally learn Substance Painter two days ago with the Free Trial too and now hear this...

Guys, is it worth buying a perpetual license right now as I in no way want to have to subscribe to Adobe (Owner of a hard copy CS6 here).
If I purchase a perpetual license for Painter and Designer will it be mine to use always?
Would you recommend this?

Totally, grab a perpetual license. The key words being repeated here are "for now". Ensure any auto-update flag is turned off and put a block on the program for your firewall and no sneaky "update validations" can get in. Yes, I ahve had software go belly up when the company decided old versinos are "no longer supported", which also included ensuring older version no longer worked. "A new business model".

I'm really unhappy about this decision. I don't like Adobe's pricing system and I don't think these two companies' approaches to many issues will fit each other at all.

I was wondering why the change in payment model that Allegorithmic had a bit ago. Now finding out Adobe has been on the board for the last two years only confirms my suspicions. I've been touting the "Allegorithmic" way of doing things (as far as payment plans) for as long as I've been using the software, as the way this SaaS crap should be done. But now I see it was just a "How to boil of frog" method of movement. I hope I'm wrong...
Yes, I too had similar thoughts, going from a "yep you own it after 16 months", to "no, you own jack unless you pay more", regardless of if you have paid subs for years. In the time period Adobe were on the board. Think that lays out pretty much their gameplan.

Well, that's it for me. I gave up on Adobe a couple years ago so it looks like Allegorithmic will be next.  Maybe Serif will pick up the slack.
Vastly underrated software, I have used all their old "plus" programs since PP3.0
If Blender gets the funding to work on "in-situ" texture painting then they will no doubt be watching and learning.

Making an effort to run all these pages through so when in a year Substance is a once-a-year updated Creative Cloud shit heap with all its integrations dead, Source replaced with Adobe Stock $4.99 per texture and Nicolas and Jeremie are 'no longer with the company' I can post all their comments from this thread about how nothing is going to change.

- Hey, I'd like to buy a screwdriver.
- Yeah... We don't sell it anymore. We are now renting it instead.
- But, uhhh... It's not really what I want. I'd like to buy it and use it whenever I want and not being forced to only use during the time I rented it for.
- Oh well, you're fked then lol.

This is ridiculous. Renting software is cancerous trend.

I guess I gotta look for alternatives now, since you're adobe family's puppets now and I'm not going to rent my instruments  :-\

I made an edge wear shader for Eevee, just as an example of what Blender may be able to do for texture work. You can see a preview of it in this gif:

It's a simple node that works right out of the box. Best on beveled objects and higher-poly models. Just plug the mask into a mix node, for example.

You can download it here:
3D art is magic.

I am actually feeling scared and nausious.

The last time I was in contact with adobe customer support, the experience was so horrible that I will forever refuse to be their customer. I will now make one exception, as I will buy the Perpetual Substance Painter license, in a moment.

I saw potential in the Allegorithmic Products because they were excellent and innovative, but with the merging with Adobe, this is the beginning of the innovative decay.

I'm sad to see this decision, because for me it means that it is unlikely we will see products that are made to be great for the developers.

I have great respect for the work you have done, and I will always remember the creative days I have had with your software. I'm sorry that this will likely be the end of your hard work.

I have no trust in Adobe.

Page Maker
Go Live
Frame Maker
Drum Beat
And more


so... who immediately felt like punching this kid in the face?

3D art is magic.

While we all have to admire the acheivement of 17 years by the Allegorithmic team to provide us with an outstanding range of products, an acheivement that made them such a vital aqcuisition for Adobe, it is unfathomable from our, the consumer, users, perspective, that it had to be Adobe.

Adobe have the hedgemoney on the 2d industry simply because there aren't any alternatives. The 3d industry is brimming with innovators, and innovation is not what Adobe is famed for. If I were the founder of Allegorithmic I would be ecstatic right now, he's probably set up for life with a great job and enormous wealth to come. But surely in time he will look at the stagnation and cynical, profit driven updates to his former product by the corporation and have a twinge of regret. 


I was dreaming of owning a perpetual license for Substance in two months once my 12 months of subscription was up (a jewel-encrusted rusty dagger thrust into my belly which I was slowly withdrawing). The only reason I was motivated to do the Indie license thing was that once the term was up, I would be able to use that version of the tool without my own personal Damocles sword dangling over my head. I entered into the agreement with Allegorithmic in good faith only now to be told "rest assured" any new agreement will "be fair" and that I will not be deceived. I don´t want a fair agreement. I want the agreement I agreed to. I can´t and won´t enter a endless term subscription and the new owners should evaluate their definition of "fair" if they wish my business. Are my fears unfounded? I hope so but the lack of any firm information and a general lack of integrity in software businesses makes me fear the worst.