Author Topic: Allegorithmic is joining the Adobe family (part 1)  (Read 207918 times)

Uh... Is today April 1st?

This is so sad. Goodbye Allegorithmic... Painter will be named Dimension, and Designer will be abandoned since it is uselles for current CreativeCloud subscribers

I am currently subscribed with an indie licence, I had planned to buy a perpetual licence after 12 months (currently almost 5 months in) will I still be able to do this?

What's going to happen to the student licenses? Will it stay the same or change?

Need to go back rethink my entire pipeline change for realtime.

I can't think of anything more sad I've ever heard in terms of computer software. . ..  what a truly incredible shame.


As I see your logo, you are an "An Adobe Company" from now, so as an Adobe company could you please soothe, prove and secure but fast as lightning since if we take a look on your forums I see some great scare and confusion. (but not a marginal one)

Share concrete informations please. And not in the next few month, but like tonight... it do not seems like as 3 trolls are lurking on your forums and they wanna make some rather seems that you will lose your community and their support in a week by releasing foggy answers like "As we join the Adobe family, we will also unveil new and more flexible subscription offers in the coming months"

I'm totally socked, but I would like to see the bright side of your move, but for that you realy need to release concrete informations. (And I do not think that you have days)

Incredibly bad decision imo.

The first blow came with the subscriptions being overhauled and 'nothing would change', which was a lie.

Cancelling my active subscriptions right away and moving to the competition, let's see where this shitstorm goes.

Hope you made a quick buck selling Sébastien, and the stupid medium post you made is unavailable as well (I am talking about the mail that got distributed, at least get it right...).

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I swear, if you all take your stuff off steam and switch to adobe's $52/month system, I will be very angry.  I don't mind paying $200/year to keep up to date, thanks to steam sales.  I DO mind having to pay $600/year for the same freaking service. 

@Jeremy Noguer

I think we all agree that from Allegorithmic's perspective, this is a great move and makes sense. From Adobe's perspective, it makes a hell of a lot of sense. With Adobe having been on the board for 2 years, it is fair to say that you are familiar with Adobe's recommendations and products. But try to look at this from the customer side of the table for a moment to understand our apprehension. I would argue that much of the success is due, in part, to the fact that Allegorithmic was completely agnostic and separated from monolithic companies (financially) such as Adobe. The fact that we can do the vast majority of texturing work in the Substance Suite for a relatively low-cost (that is stable; see recent price increases by Adobe) and the constant feedback and innovations that were developed by the team is part of the reason Substance has become so integral to a great many companies' and individuals' pipelines. Couple that possibility with the option to purchase perpetual licenses (not offered by Adobe) and you end up with a best in class product lineup. Furthermore, as a customer base we are highly aware of, and elastic to, the results of company buyouts by monopolizers such as Adobe and Autodesk. The slow growths that we see in our daily use products by those monolithic companies is the reason why young artists (that are the future of these industries and potential customers of these companies) and older artists outside of studios already locked into a specific pipeline are quick to jump software depending on their needs (financial and user value).

We recognize that there will be economies of scale and product integrations that will likely improve the overall value and experience of the Substance suite, but our apprehension based upon historical performance by Adobe leaves us fearful of what happens when Adobe pressures the team to make a poor choice (e.g., advertising other Adobe products inside of the one you're trying to use), and/or forces the product to have a business model that counteracts all of the good faith and community building that has been done to date in-part due to a business model (again, rent to own and perpetual licensing) that has been abandoned by Adobe with an explanation of "it will not change yet."

I'm not jumping on the "abandon it" band wagon (that's ridiculous), but I am cautious of what happens in the next year, 3 years, 5 years, and further. So please consider that as the team makes announcements in the future. A more thorough explanation of what to expect (now and in the future; other than "that Peter Jackson moment", as awesome as that is, would go a long ways to soothing our concerns. Thanks!

All the team members and all the offices are staying as is, nobody leaves, all the products are stll being developed the same way and by the same people.
This is not about money per say (hard to sell I know :) ) but about having the resources to build the greatest tools we can.

I feel like you're going to have a rude awakening. Large corporations always stifle creativity under the weight of bureaucracy, everyone involved may have the best intentions but the reality is that the corporate machine will always be too much to overcome. I really hope you guys can make the best of it, but I'm really struggling to see a future here.

My heart sank when reading the email. But if you think it's for the best, then I guess we'll see. Hope you made the right decision.

Well... this is a shame.

Hey as long as I get to keep my substance painter 2 license and you guys stick to your word about the updates not slowing down(photoshop hasn't budged an inch since cs6) it's cool.

And who knows? Maybe the increased funding will help.

I am currently subscribed with an indie licence, I had planned to buy a perpetual licence after 12 months (currently almost 5 months in) will I still be able to do this?
I have the same situation....exactly the same...

Oh my god. What bad news. Now comes the subscription only bullshit from adobe and I'll leave....