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I noticed, that even though I didn´t have any Substance Source related subscription in quite a while, my download credits changed. Into the negative, that is.
I got -30 Points now (was not the case in early december) and can not download any of the free files.
Could you please reset my counter to 0?


We now use a new system to count points which is more exact, and the reason you had negative points on your account was because you previously had been credited points that should not have been credited to your account after you had cancelled a subscription.
Your account will be put back to 0 points so you are able to download free materials.
PO @ Allegorithmic


This is something that should be cleaned up system wide..and not on a case by case basis.
I too have -30 pts. ..but let's not get into what I received that I was not to receive, because my last Designer license upgrade only received 8 months of updates instead of 12.

So..there's just been alot of sloppy work. would be nice if I could have those 4 months back too. Thx

Hi @D3V

Could you please email about this so we can try to fix you problem?

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I seem to be having the same problem as Cpt.Sloth1992. However, I only downloaded the allotted amount every month until I cancelled my subscription so I couldn't have gone over what was allowed. I was thinking of subscribing again but don't want to start with a loss based on a computer glitch.

If you could help with that it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @jdswiney, could you please email about this so we can fix your problem?
Thanks a lot
PO @ Allegorithmic