Author Topic: directional pattern around a bezel  (Read 963 times)

Is there a way to stamp a pattern around a shape and have it point in the same direction as it follows the curvature of that shape? I'd like to do this procedurally rather than with bitmaps in photoshop. I've tried using the tile sampler. I can get the pattern to go around the shape but it doesn't continue to follow in the same direction and it only looks good on one side of the bezel.

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there is a workaround to get a similar effect, check out this artstation post  (scroll to the bottom images to see what he does with the tile sampler)


basically, you would have to convert your height into a normal map and plug it into your tile sampler as a Vector Map Input

He also does some other fun tricks to get the placement to work right (you might have to bevel your shape before turning it into a normal map in order to get the correct "slope" for the vector map input)

Thanks! This is the method I was trying previously but I haven't seen this tutorial on the technique. I'll try it out and post the results.