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Hi guys, is there a way to set the actual size of the box when using triplanar mapping? I've seen the scale sliders, but it would be nice to be able to set an accurate size.

If not, any chance this would be worthing of making a post in the feature request section?


Thought it might be a good idea to explain why I might be interested in such a feature. Simple terms, it would make creating tileable, modular assets a heck of a lot more simple. It would mean not having to worry as much about the UV's. I've tested with some modular wall pieces. The wall pieces I made, just so happed to be the same width as the tri-planar projection, so these segments tile lovely width ways, even though the UV's are not specifically arranged for tiling. So I guess the next best alternative to being able to manually set the size of the tri-planar projection, would be to make it automatically adjust it's size to the bounds of the object.
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You can set the sizer precisely using either the manipulator gizmo or the slider. Pressing Shift while moving the slider will enter precision mode where the slider value moves much slower.

Could you clarify this further? I still can't see how to set the size of the box accurately.

The box starts at Scale 1, but its initial size seems tied to the size of the models you've brought into substance Designer.

How do we set the size of the box in actual units, so that we can keep our projected textures consistent across multiple models of different sizes?

That's not currently feasible. Indeed the transformation units are bound to the bounding box of the scene. We will likely have better unit and scale handling in future versions.

There is something of a tedious workaround at present. The transformation units seem to be set by the initial mesh you load into the project, and aren't updated.

So, you can kind of get around this by starting your project with a cube of the desired size, before then loading in your actual mesh by editing the project.

Yes that works :)

Any update on this?
Is there no reason the bounding box can't be exposed in the project configuration box after initial creation?
Even hidden under an Options box similar to what was done with the Auto-unwrapping so that beginner or first time user's don't accidentally mess with it?
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