Author Topic: Micro details in Custom Generators exported from designer  (Read 1077 times)

I have the latest version of designer. The generators listed below all have Micro Detail inputs in Painter. I opened them in substance designer, didn't see any nodes for micro details inputs but thought I missed them hidden somewhere. but when I export they aren't there either. So my guess is either these aren't the exact ones used in Painter? or Allegorithmic is doing an extra step after this to add the micro details. How are they added?


I'm working on a Cavity generator that will take in both the baked normal and the "realtime"  normal and height information from the paint layers like the anchors and micro details access.

When hitting "c" on the keyboard the "Normal+Height+Mesh" would actually be what I want to create from the baked normal and the realtime details from added paint layers. Then generate my cavity from that.
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The generators in Designer haven't been updated in a while so they don't have the new options.
Here is the sbs for the new version of the dirt generator.