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I am using nvudia Quattro k620 for my project now.It was fine when I started the project,but since I've gone further,k620 gpu was about 90~100%.Now I'm wondering what graphic card would be better,1050 to and RX 570 both are in my list .Consider my situation,I don't wanna pay too much on hardware…

If you can afford the upgrade to a 1060 6 GB, I strongly recommend it. In my experience Painter is very VRAM hungry, I currently use a 970 at work and it chugs like crazy (painting in 4k is basically impossible). The 970 only has 3gb VRAM, while the 1050 has 4gb- not much of an improvement.
I have the 1080 at home and with the 8gb VRAM painting is smooth as butter.
My guess is that the 1060 6gb is the sweet spot?

Personally I would stay away from AMD- they might be fine for gaming but I keep seeing driver issues pop up for people when using 3d software.

Well,I never paint 4k texture at all,I'm still learning 3d moding,texture…etc.If there's no need to pain with 4k,would 1060 3g good enough?

Like o.chabrand89 said - 3GB of Vram is do-able but you may find it quite frustrating at times, regardless of the resolution.

If you are not planning on painting at 4k then either the 1060 3gb will probably do the trick (and you can still export a 4k texture easily so you will probably be fine!)
The 1060 is supposed to be quite a bit faster than the 1050 ti but the 1050 has 4gb vram instead of 3. I'm honestly not sure for Painter what matters most, having an extra gb of vram or being clocked 50% faster. I'd probably go for the 1060 personally but I don't know for sure.

This website claims the 1060 is better value for money so I would probably go for that one myself.
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Thanks for your recommendation.I've bought 1060 6g with my friend , this card 6g vram is amazing ;D