Author Topic: SD triangulating low poly mesh at import and when opening the bake dialog  (Read 332 times)

SD 2018.3.1. When drag&dropping a low poly mesh (fbx with multiple objects inside, UDIM) inside SD it gets triangulated. Then when we open the bake dialog from it, it gets triangulated again. SD should triangulate only once.
The time spent triangulating is particularity visible when the fbx contains many objets totaling a relatively high number of polygons.
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Yes, there is room for optimization here.

- you don't need to link the high poly mesh, if you are baking from a high to low poly mesh (just set the high def mesh from the file in the baker settings)
- you should triangulate the meshes at export time before loading them in SD to prevent the triangulation to be done, and to prevent a different triangulation result betwees SD and the other applications
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