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Hi all ... thx Substace for great tutorial. I'm learning a lot.  But it's getting tougher :-)

One way or the other i'm unable to plug the Twigs into the Shape-splatter pattern input. They don't seem to like the Twig's height output?

I've tripple checked the steps i took... but i can't find the step i've overlooked... Anybody has an idea why a shape splatter won't accept  a height output? 

forget about it :-) found the answer in Harrison Kehler's answer to  a question from: Kaitlyn_Waggs on April 22, 2020, 07:59:58 pm
... I encountered the exact same issue as you. After much time I realized it had to do with having link creation mode not set to Standard. If you are not able to see this hopefully if someone else has the problem this will help them....

thx Harrison

First off just want to say, amazing course! Do you have the reference picture anywhere? I may just be being thick but I can't find it anywhere..

I found a solution to the 3d flat mesh. You need to go to (viewport) Materials>Default>Edit and change your Scale Common to 20 or higher value.

hi, i have problem why my Shape Splatter does't show the pattern input?
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I downloaded the file but the videos are about texturing a lamp. WTH

Hello! Thank you for the course, it's really helpful and informative! but i got stuck on the lesson '03-03 Creating the base color for the rocks'. I can't find the Shape Splatter Blend Color node. Please, help