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Hi all ... thx Substace for great tutorial. I'm learning a lot.  But it's getting tougher :-)

One way or the other i'm unable to plug the Twigs into the Shape-splatter pattern input. They don't seem to like the Twig's height output?

I've tripple checked the steps i took... but i can't find the step i've overlooked... Anybody has an idea why a shape splatter won't accept  a height output? 

forget about it :-) found the answer in Harrison Kehler's answer to  a question from: Kaitlyn_Waggs on April 22, 2020, 07:59:58 pm
... I encountered the exact same issue as you. After much time I realized it had to do with having link creation mode not set to Standard. If you are not able to see this hopefully if someone else has the problem this will help them....

thx Harrison

First off just want to say, amazing course! Do you have the reference picture anywhere? I may just be being thick but I can't find it anywhere..

I found a solution to the 3d flat mesh. You need to go to (viewport) Materials>Default>Edit and change your Scale Common to 20 or higher value.

hi, i have problem why my Shape Splatter does't show the pattern input?
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I downloaded the file but the videos are about texturing a lamp. WTH

Hello! Thank you for the course, it's really helpful and informative! but i got stuck on the lesson '03-03 Creating the base color for the rocks'. I can't find the Shape Splatter Blend Color node. Please, help

trying out the course with the trial version of Designer. Course is nice and easy to follow but I am having a problem after I exit the program and log back in. When I do log back in, I find that the material has reset itself from Tesselation to Parralax Occlusion. As such the 3d image appears as a flat plane instead of the one that has been worked on. To correct I have to reset to Tessalation and reset the height scale. This occurs every time I restart the program with this tutorial. Is there a way of stopping this or is this because its a demo version?

I downloaded the file but the videos are about texturing a lamp. WTH

That would be the tutorial for Painter not Designer.

hi Wes, very detailed tutorial ;p. can You tell me what is wrong? my preview mesh is flat  :-[

edit: image not showing.

i connect 3 nodes(generator, normal and AO to base material but 3d plane is flat)

Thanks! Glad you liked the training. It sounds like you could have the following issues:

1. The tessellation shader is not set
2. The Scale value of the shader is at 0.

Please check the attached images.


Hi Wes,

I'm having a similar issue; plus my Material Properties Says Material "Default" - OpenGL - Properties and I have way more options than what is shown in your screenshot. This is what I currently see after I tap on Edit in my 3D viewport.

Using the latest 2020 version of Designer

Please help :)

Hey on lesson 03-04 I am trying to bring all the nodes from my twig graph to my dirt graph the way you did but i just opens the twig graph instead of bring them over so i tried copying all the nodes by highlighting and copying then pasting them into the dirt graph but then it doesn't  copy the capsule shape and the node appears as a black box i am very confused by this was wondering if i was doing something wrong

Hi Wes,

I'm new to Substance Designer and I'm running into the issue where my materials aren't showing in the 2D view. I dropped in the 3D Perlin Noise texture but my 2D view is showing up as a flat gray.  :-\

Hi Wes,

I'm new to Substance Designer and I'm running into the issue where my materials aren't showing in the 2D view. I dropped in the 3D Perlin Noise texture but my 2D view is showing up as a flat gray.  :-\

Hi Matt,

In this case, you are using a 3D noise. The 3D noises require a position input. You could bake this from a mesh or use the Cube 3D GBuffer node's position output to visualize the node. Instead of the 3D noise, you should use the 2D perlin noise.

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Hi Wes,

First off, thank you very much for this tutorial! I'm finding it very easy to follow and really appreciate that. I'm currently working through video 03-02 "Creating the base color for the ground" and I'm noticing that my texture appears much more noisy and the height is spiky and inconsistent, not as smooth as yours appears in the video. Here is a photo of my current texture rendered in the 3D view:

For comparison, here is the texture as it appears in video 03-02 at this stage:

I have followed the instructions very carefully and ensured all my nodes share the same parameter values as those in the tutorial. At first I thought the bit depth was the reason for the poor rendering quality so I manually adjusted nodes in my graph to be 16 bit, but to no avail as that was unsuccessful. I also tried to use a high quality blur node to smooth out the noise in my maps as well as adjust them with level and curve nodes but that did not fix the rendering issue either. I was at a loss and decided to open up the finished designer project file in order to compare the final graph with my own, but when I went to open the file, the finished material had the same issue as my own material. Here is a photo for reference:

I'm not sure what to believe might be the cause for this. I'm using Designer 2019.3.2 and I can't find anything relating to this issue in other forums. Let me know if you need any other information like cpu specs or what not. Thanks in advance!

Hi   just starting Substance I'm new at this...I am following your tutorial and in chp 4 you started out creating the base node....When I open up designer as a 'New file'.  I am un sure what option to use so I get the same form you have. You never stated how to create a new document....Unless I am getting ahead of mys
elf...Can you help me on this?...thanks   Henry