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I am using the ACES_UE4_Log LUT to match Painter's viewport with Unreal Engine 4.

However, it's still miles apart. I've tried exporting the standard neutral model viewer HDR from Unreal but the color space is different and very hard to match. Projection is different as well.

Can you help me to find a workflow where I can use the same HDR images and match lighting/colors between the two?

Not only color but also the way height is translated is very different. In UE4, height/normal is much stronger than in the Painter viewport.

Right now, and I've confirmed with others that ship games in UE4, it's very hard to know what goes out of Painter will look like in UE4. Basically, you have to sit and tweak for a long time, since Painter is far from a WYSIWYG solution.

Thanks in advance.
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Using this LUT and following the steps described in this package should give you pixel perfect similarity on the color side:
As for the normal, it depends on your lighting and the environement map you use in both tools. a Normal map is universal but will look more or less strong if you have a direct point light for example, or a pure IBL like we have in Painter.

Thanks, Jeremie. Much appreciated.

That's the setup I'm using.

Would you know how one could go about creating a copy of the HDRs in Painter for use in UE4?

The projection and color spaces seems to be different.

If you can point me in the right direction, I can create the set and share it.

Thanks again!
Slow is smooth and smooth is fast