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Posting here because the Feedback section of the site wasn't accepting my post.

I think there would be a huge benefit in having a node that links to other software, specifically ZBrush and Painter.

For ZBrush, the node would connect to a ZBrush session and allow for users to generate height information from the session. It can also send Designer's height data to allow for sculpting within ZBrush. This would be great for easily going back and forth between the program, while organizing the sessions for their various purposes like establishing the base forms, modifying shapes, or final touchups at the very end. I see many studios (Sony Santa Monica and Blizzard, as an example) either start with a sculpted height map or start in Designer and eventually go into ZBrush and back to Designer. A node like this would make it efficient and allow for the hand-work that Designer currently lacks, while using software that many professionals have.

For Painter, I imagine that each Designer link node would correspond to a folder in the linked Painter file, allowing a user to make a layer stack within Painter, while resulting in a single Designer node. This would make touchup painting for color, normal, roughness, etc maps very convenient.