Author Topic: Any suggestions on how to make Magma flow animation  (Read 625 times)

Wazzup guys how you doing i'm fine today i was thinking over a project to create a volcano magma flow from a terrain that i so i was thinking how to approach coz i need effeciency at work .....anyways i could do it using fx and simulation but it could take a lot time so i researched and found i could also use a texture doubt here is how do i make a texture animation in designer and latter apply it my 3d app.. or unity/ unreal... i'm new to this workflow... i welcome any suggestions or comments... :)

Export the erosion flow map and apply it to your terrain color (for the time being)
Make the terrain a live surface then snap a curve to the flows that you want to have lava
Extrude polys along the curves you made
Make the quads as equilateral as possibly
In the UV editor normalize the UVs
Then sew them back together so the lava will appear to follow the path of your meshes