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Hi guys
I am having an issue with reapplying Smart materials. Here is my situation. I am working on a hard surface mode(in Maya) with many parts - it has 38 sections. Every section has many parts and its uv are arranged in the 1,1 space - so bacically every section has 1 tile.  Instead of texturing the whole model I am texturing it section by section. After I finish texturing the sections I save its Smart Material. Every smart material has 5-6 layers wich represent different things like metal, cloth, etc... So I add "Black Mask"  and use "Mesh Fill" to apply them to the different parts of the section.
After I have finished with texturing all 38 sections I wanted to export the whole model from Maya import it to SP baked the maps, apply the Smart Material to the different sections and render it wi Iray. I need to deliver some renders of the whole thing basically.

So in the middle of the texturing I wanted to see how it will all work if I combine all textured sections. So I exported them from Maya in one file(every section has different shader applied to it) imported them in Substance painter, baked the maps and started applying the Smart material. I thought they all should work, but unfortunatelly they don't. It seems that some of the mask are broken and the smart materials don't work.
Am I doing something wrong? I haven't changed any uvs btw.
This is a commercial project so I really don't have time to test and experiment.
Help will be greatly appeciated.
Thank you!
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Let me know if this is a known issue, please. Or if I doing something wrong, please let know!
Thank you!

It's going to be hard to help or understand what the issue could be without screenshots.

Thank you for the reply Jeremie!

On the first two images you can see that there is no any issues.
Then if I combine the module with the rest of the mudules and apply the smart material some of the mask change - 3 and 4th image. I havent changes the uvs or the position of the module.
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no issues here

on this one as you can see the mask of the cloth layer has changed:

this one is just to see the maps I have baked. I don't think they have anything to do with the issue but I maybe wrong...
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Depdnding on how you created these masks in the first place, you may have issues if the new mesh you imported has a different bounding box. In this case, it looks like the second version has a lot more texture sets that are hidden. If the addition of these texture sets modified the bounding box of the scene and if you created the masks by painting or picking on the mesh in the first place, everything is now shifted/scaled so you will have to recreate your maks most likely.

I used Mesh/Polygon Fill to create the masks for the section. Then I combined all sections into one(every section has a Textures set) and tried to apply all Smart Materials I created before for these sections but the masks got broken. And yes the bounding box is a lot bigger as I have included all sections.
Instead of recreating all mask can I export them individualy from all sections and import them for the combined model?
Or is there something faster?
Thank a lot!

Exporting all the masks and reimporting them in the new project is probably the fastest way at the moment.

Thanks Jeremie. I came to this conclusion too.