Author Topic: Blender Exporting Issue with splitting Texture Sets  (Read 1377 times)

Hi to all,

So, I am a blender user, I had my character all nice with three different materials, one for the upper aprt, another for the lower part and then the skin, so that in SP I would have three texture sets and therefore three maps.

However when I export this as an obj and import it in SP some extra texture sets appear, such as "LowerBody_NONE", "LowerBody_Boots.bmp" and of course "LowerBody".

I have looked for this problem, and I have not seen anyone with this exact problem; I check in Blender and my materials are all simple and precise, and when importing them to SP they do just that, what am I missing? For some reason I cannot keep those texture sets from splitting, and its annoying.

Thanks in advance.

I expect you have a MATERIAL in Blender that you overlooked.
Pick a drop-down list of materials in Blender, and see if you see anything "extra."

I don't know if Blender exports all materials, or only ones it think it is using.

For bonus points, take a look in the .mtl file that got exported with the .obj file.
It is a plain text file, so you can simply drag it on to a Notepad session.

What do you see there?
It's probably very small, and you could even paste it into a response here if you have questions about it.

You can also inspect the .obj file, but it's much larger of course.
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Was this ever solved?? I'm having the exact same problem!

Was this ever solved?? I'm having the exact same problem!

Upload your Blender file and post exactly what is supposed to happen. Example: What materials are supposed to be attached to the object (texture sets), and what is going wrong and I'll look at it.

it's an NSFW model, is that ok?

it's an NSFW model, is that ok?

You can PM me the link. Just make sure it's the Blender file with the model in it so I can see your settings.