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I am just starting out with Substance Painter and having a hard time understanding how to properly set up materials that need alpha channels turned on.     In the attached image, you can see that we have a character model that has a opaque hair/beard, with hair cards being used for hair detail.   I have experimented with a variety of settings using the PBR with alpha blending shader in Painter.    I've added an opacity channel, assigned the TGA texture to that channel, assigned it again to the color/diffuse, etc, however I'm still getting the same visible result (white showing up where the it should be transparent).    I know there is probably something simple/fundamental that I am not doing in the set up process, thus the reason for coming here to the forum.     Any assistance/guidance on getting this to look right is greatly appreciated.

Note: The alpha texture was created in Photoshop and saved as a 32 bit Targa (I also have tried with a PNG with transparency, which yielded the same result)

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another screenshot

You need to add an opacity channel to your texture set in the Texture Set Settings window, then use a black and white alpha mask of your hair in that opacity channel.
Also, you should import it as a texture, not an alpha, which is meant for brush alphas.

Hi Jeremie.   

Thanks for your response.  I have the b/w texture loaded as a texture file (TGA) and I've plugged that into the opacity channel.   I also have the diffuse texture loaded into the color channel (PNG).    I can see the transparency, but I am still not getting great results (see white areas in screenshot).  There is a lot of the mask visible as white showing in the viewport.  Is there a preferred file format other than TGA for saving the opacity mask?   And is there a preferred set up for the shader (the opacity channel is set to L16)?    I apologize for being so naive on this, but I am still learning how substance painter works.