Author Topic: New user UI feedback  (Read 204 times)

I've been trialing Painter for a while, and thought I'd write out some new user feedback.  This is focusing mostly on UI so it doesn't go on for pages.

It seems to be missing a lot of stuff that anyone who's used any other 2d or 3d painting application would expect to have.  I hesitate with every one of these, since they each make me go "there's no way this is missing, I should search one more time to make sure", but I've searched each of them to death (and happy to be corrected on any of them, of course).

- No color swatches
- No recent color list
- No blending color picker
- No panel for color selection.  Instead you have to click to open it, and then it disappears as soon as you click anywhere else.  I know there are multiple colors attached to a brush which makes this more complicated, but that's solvable.
- No Photoshop-like eyedropper hotkey (hold down a key, drag to find the color you want, release).  The color popup's eyedropper works like that, but the picker on the P hotkey doesn't.
- The picker tool keeps turning material channels back on every time it's used.
- Can't solo layers
- Can't merge layers
- No hotkey to toggle wireframes.  Having to go to display properties all the time is a pain.

Other feedback:

- The documentation is unreadable for me, because every page has animated GIFs playing constantly.  I'm sure it's meant to be helpful, but I can't read text with animations bouncing around and someone else's mouse cursor moving about.  These should only play on hover, or click to play.

- I can't find a way to have a shelf of commonly-used tools, so I don't have to jump around all the time to find them.  It lets me save a shelf from a query, but I can't create a shelf tab like "Favorites" and just drag things into it.  This makes toggling
between common tools tedious, and it seems like it would become a nightmare as you import more tools.

I'm aware most of this is on the feedback site, which I'll use as well (though the obnoxious red "HARD DECLINE" makes me not want to leave feedback there--that's a terrible way to respond to feedback...).

Will I keep using Painter?  Probably, but I'd be hesitant to recommend it to others.  It feels like it needs a release cycle of just filling in missing core UI.

Thank you for your feedback, most of what you are missing is part of a larger story which is having a good way to pick and choose colors in Substance Painter, and that's a story we will tackle this year.

As for Uservoice, the Hard Decline mention often means the feedback is not formatted right or appropriate for uservoice, it is always acompanied by an explanation and an advice on how to properly communicate said feedback :)

It's just sort of an unpleasant way of responding, even when I'm not the person it's addressed to.  Anyway, thanks for the reply, just wanted to sum up some of the high-level stuff that's been standing out.