Author Topic: Reduced texture quality after scan processing  (Read 846 times)


I am working in a studio that is mainly focused on product visualization work. So the scanning is one of the most important parts of our pipeline. We have our internal script based on Dabarti Capture that generates the normal and diffuse textures. Recently I started testing SD for the tiling of our maps and i am facing one problem that i can't solve.

After the tiling process is done, final tileable textures lose (see image attached) nice, small, crisp details compared to the original texture. And i am not sure whether it is me that doing something wrong or the software limitations. I would be very grateful if you could help me to figure this out. Thank you in advance and have a nice day.

p.s 8688x5792 - original resolution of the scan

SD can only process power of 2 images, so as soon as you create a bitmap node, the image will be stretched to fit in a square or rectangle. And resizing an image necessarily means re-sampling is involved.

By default it is set on "bilinear / Smooth Stretch", you can change it to "nearest stretch", it will give you a different result but it'll still affect the visual content of your image.

Ideally your input image is already cropped to fit in a power of 2 canvas.
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