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Brand new to painter.  Have a mesh that has several materials assigned to different pieces of geometry.  The UV map is all in a single 0-1 space. 

Once I've applied and painted all my materials, I export this out of painter and I get many different texture sets.  I was hoping that I would be able to combine all the materials into one texture set having just a single Diffuse, Normal, Metallic, Rough etc...  for this object.

Is this possible and how do you go about it.  Thanks!

So, basically, how many textures sets do you have at your scene? Every texture set will create individual bunch of texture maps.

I have 5 materials.  Those materials are all laid out in one UV space.  Remember I'm brand new to this stuff... :)  But isn't it a good thing to save texture map space on game assets and such?  I thought that was one of the big advantages of using something like this system (of course there are many other great things)

Maybe I'm missing something or not communicating what I'm wanting/thinking should be able to happen....

I've attached image, when you have different sets here, as I assume, they will created multiple textures set. Try to add one material on mesh before exporting it, it should help.

Sorry that's not what I'm asking.  Here are two images.  The one shows the model with ONE UV layout in 0->1 space.  Therefore I'd like my MATERIAL if you will to be ONE set of images (dif, met, rough etc).  Painter upon export will apply the correct colors, roughness etc on the different masked out areas of my model. 

However what I'm getting now is  7 sets of 4 images (my configuration of basecolor,metallic,normal,roughness) rather than one set of 4 images.

ok after doing some digging around (more than the first time :)  )  I found that what I need to do is setup some material ID's in my 3D software.  That will allow me to MASK out the different parts of my ONE TEXTURE set so that the entire model will be exported in one MAP SET!

Hope this helps someone else out.