Author Topic: substance designer crashed when 3D view render  (Read 945 times)

hi all,

When opening my substance designer working graph, the graph manage to open but it always crashed after a while. I notice that the rendering bar (green bar on the bottom right corner is running and froze then the SD will crash within seconds).

I found a few error messages in the log:

[WARNING][News] Dictionary variable 'license[softwareVersion]' not found
[WARNING][News] Dictionary variable 'cmdLineArgs[hide_changelog]' not found
[WARNING][License] Timeout when fetching localhost license info.
[ERROR][License] An error occured while retrieving global node information: The HTTP request took too long to complete so it was cancelled.
[WARNING][License] Timeout when fetching localhost license info.

I thought it was my license problem but it seems that the license are fine.

I tried to debug the problem by deleting and reconnecting some of the nodes and the problem seems to be solved but it alwasy occured again when I opened the same graph next time.

It is quite frustrating that my working graph is very unstable and I would really like to know the reson behind it.
I will attach the log with this post and hope somebody could help with my situation.

Thank you  in advance.


After the crash, do you have the crash report window ?
If yes, can you send a crash report please ?

If not, can you send me your project (using private message) and your log file ?

Thanks !
QA Analyst

sorry , i can't attach any file or log to this forum,can i send to your email?