Author Topic: Where are all the .sbsar files stored  (Read 2528 times)

I'm very new to Substance Painter, and have just installed the Substance Plugin which allows you to work with Substance Materials in UE4. To help me on my way I'm working through the Allegorithmic Tutorial - Substance in Unreal Engine 4, now after installing the plugin, it states that there are two ways to add Substances to your scene, Import the directly or downloading them from Substance Source. As far as the importing directly goes, the tutorial tells you to hit the Import Button and Browse for a .sbsar file, and in the tutorial a folder opens up with a large number of these .sbsar files, but please could anyone be so kind to tell me where these Substance .sbsar files come from, even though I have a paid subscription to Substance Painter and have installed the Substance Plugin, after a very long time I still cannot locate any .sbsar files on my computer, but the tutorial seems to indicate you should have a folder somewhere on your computer with them on. Any help will be most appreciated

This PC>users > You > Documents > Allegorithmic > Substance Painter > Shelf >Materials > [custom folder name for your sbsars]