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Hey guys! Please give me an advice, how to control animation in substance player with $time variable in substance designer, how to control the speed and make it parameterical, to make a slider which will give me ability to increase it or slow it down,
What I can read about it? Is there some tutorials about this topic?
Thank you!

$time is a variable representing time in seconds. You need Substance Player to actually  "play" the time: if you load a Substance graph where $time is used in a node function, then a timeline will appear where you can "play" the animation.

To control the speed of an animation, simply multiply the $time variable by another float value.
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Is the $time playable in Unreal like in Unity?

Hi @Psynema,
The $time parameter is also available for Substance in UE4 to drive animated Substance graphs.
Below I have included a screenshot of a simple demo blueprint script I used to achieve this.

Time is a float member variable with a 0.0 default value.
Graph is an object reference member variable assigned to the SubstanceGraphInstance that will be animated.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions or any trouble getting this to work, please let us know.  :D

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thank you
Nicolas Wirrmann
  but is it possible to make a slider to tweak the speed in SPlayer?
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Just create a parameter in your graph, call it "speed", then multiply this variable with the $time variable in your function.

Example attached
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