Author Topic: DirectX Raytracing for Bakers on Pascal  (Read 737 times)


I wonder if there is a way to enable/implement DirectX raytracing in bakers for Pascal GPUs? Microsoft told about DXR that there would be some kind of a fallback layer for GPUs that don't have a dedicated raytracing hardware to utilize raytracing features. I guess this is the one:

Considering that RTX graphics card are too expensive, I believe that Pascal GPUs like 1080 Ti, 1080 and 1070 would be around and relevant for a couple of years at least. Yes, raytracing on those would be much slower than on RTX, but Pascal is still quite capable GPU and probably it would accelerate things substantially (even baking AO from Mesh 2x times faster would be quite nice  ;)).

Any chance to explore that possibility? Thanks!


We tried to implement the fallback but it didn't work.. So we are currently exploring a different solution so that more people can benefit from GPU raytracing.
Product Manager - Allegorithmic

That's great, thank you!