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Hi. Sorry for my English.
I made paint material in Substance Designer, and I want to export this to Substance Painter. But I want this paint material to have transparency in the places I marked in red. In these marked places I want to see bottom layers in Substance Painter.
I need to export paint material from SD with transparency in these holes marked in red.
I have a black and white mask in SD for these holes.
What should I do in SD to see in these places transparency in SP?

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I might be overthinking the problem, which I  tend to do, but here's what I made:

Without the additional special channel that's later used for the layer-mask in Painter however, it looks like this:

(the mask of the folder whose preview isn't being rendered just halves the material to show what the underlying material looks like)

So I used the custom exported channel to supply the mask, so that metallic, roughness, etc are masked as well:


Maybe this could be done more efficiently? I don't know how though, unless Painter supports a mask-channel that automatically get's used? Could be a nice feature maybe?
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Actually, you don't need the extra custom output. Just use the basecolor like this, since it already has the information you need, and a levels to make everything B&W, like this:

You could also create an opacity output and in painter add an opacity layer and use a shader that supports opacity. 

sorry for my english
thanks for answers.
I found a solution to this problem.
In the material settings you need to specify one of the channels as a mask.

Hey, you're English is fine! :)

Using the Mask-channel works indeed...

For that purpose I'd call the output in Designer "mask", not opacity, since opacity is different. That's making the whole model see-through, not just your one layer.

I didn't know the "Mask" under Channel-mapping was there, thanks for pointing that out! :D

Niels Fechtel, yes you are right. I just gave the name to this channel in SD as "opacity".
Probably it was necessary to use another name such as "Mask"