Author Topic: Creating a shattered glass decal?  (Read 1034 times)

I'm trying to create a texture I'll use as a cracked glass decal in my game. I'm trying to create the effect of an object having hit the glass, creating a spider-web fracture.


Does anyone know of any guides or tutorials that might walk me through something like this? I've tried playing around with some noise patterns, but I don't see how to get lines to come out of a center point, with occasional other perpendicular lines connecting those lines, or how to increase the line density towards the center where it's more cracked.


Here's where I am now, just in case anyone has some specific suggestions. See the attached image.

My approach has been to use some layered Starbursts to create the outward-going lines. I'm blending three different three different "rings" of these starbursts so that things change a little going from the center outward.

I'm also using Splatter Circular for the short perpendicular lines.

It looks...okay... But I haven't figured out how to get a nice crack pattern, where lines actually connect up. Notice that my perpendicular lines are just random in length. They don't connect one line to another, as real broken glass would.

Could anyone suggest some approach for how to get my perpendicular lines to bridge between two of my other lines?