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Hello everyone:)
i am completely new to substance designer and i am looking for a way to generate photorealistic paracord material.

Since the cords are very small, i am not shure if a photoscan workflow will work even if i cut the cord the area would be very tiny (6mm dia).

Any ideas/ infos how to setup those nodes would be great.

cheers dave

The main property of this material is that it is composed of thousands of very tiny cylindrical strings. Because of this the microscopic relief tends to favor a direction: the material is anisotropic.

So normally this kind of effect is driven by an anisotropy parameter in the shader because we don't have enough resolution to represent the normal information for each string. But if you don't have this feature in your rendering engine you can simulate this effect using random values in a normal map.

I've attached an example.

Product Manager - Allegorithmic

Thanks for your example and all the tips.
BTW: Is there a quick way just to rotate the mapping on the cylinder in the preview?(it needs to be rotated 90deg to match the cord example).

Now i need to find a way to get the fibre structure offset correct. In your example the fibre geo ratio is 2:1 but the cord needs something like 1.3-1.5:1.
Further i need more control to change the fibre shape and volume. atm the fibres are completely flat..

time to fiddle around:)

cheers and thx