Author Topic: A couple of small feature suggestions  (Read 485 times)

Hi there,

I did not want to start a different topic to everything, so I just collect here a couple of seemingly small missing features which can make an artist's life much easier. Sorry if something has been already posted elsewhere.

- It would be nice to be able to just simply merge layers, as in photoshop. Not that fatal problem if it's missing, but could make less of a mess of the layer structure.
- When importing resources, a button to generally set everything to "tex" or "colorlut" etc. would do magic, because setting 40 pieces manually one by one can be a real pain in the arse.
- I personally really would like to be able to hide the visuals of the ambient map and such on the model after baking, to see only the effect it generates on the texture. It's misleading a bit, since the exported textures don't have the darkening effect of it I see in the viewport.
- Also a great feature of photoshop, would be awesome to be able to use effects which affect all of the layers if placed on top of them, as far as I know there's no way to manipulate whole groups at once.
- Maybe masking out areas to not be able to manipulate or paint on? Like in zbrush.

For now it would be all, please inform me if something is already present in the program, so I can look it up.


For your second point, you can Shift-select multiple assets in the import dialog, and then set the usage, it will set it for all the selected assets.

For your 3rd point, you can set the AO opacity to 0 in the shader settings (the first slider at the top).

4th point, you can do this by adding your effect to a layer that has its blending mode set to pass-through. Drag and dropping an effect from the shelf to the stack will do that automatically for you.

I suspected there are solutions to at least a couple of them, thank you. :) It's a tremendous help.

Also, is there a way to highlight the area/polygon I point at with the cursor on the model so it can be seen on the UV map?