Author Topic: Beginner: Several Basic Questions  (Read 2223 times)

Hello, I've started using substance painter and have a couple questions I haven't found answers to:

- How can I get the smart materials to change in real time after stamping normal maps (such as the hard surfaces) or height alphas? All the stamping tutorials only concern gray models, but a few silent videos show the material adapting to the new normal map.

- How do you bake an ambient occlusion with more shadows? Increasing max occluder distance slightly helped, but is is nowhere near enough. (Realism is not my concern here, only a powerful ambient occlusion)

- More complex question: How do you manage low poly models for baking? High poly models are in a list, so that is simple, but I can only import a single obj/fbx when creating a project? Do you need all the lowpoly meshes in a single fbx (and well named) but several highpolys in objs (and the obj files themselves are named with _high) or a highpoly fbx with correct names BUT zbrush can't export in fbx so you need to import you 10 million poly model in max?

Thank you,
I am looking forward to learning Painter and Designer