Author Topic: Hard edge seam issue  (Read 164 times)

I am having an issue I have seen posted before, however this is currently happening in the latest version. I am getting hard edge seams after I bake out the normal maps. This is not an issue with my UVs, so the issue must be within Substance. I even baked out my whole asset in Maya, which you can see looks perfectly fine in the image provided. Even when I use my normal map baked from Maya within Substance, Substance somehow messes up the perfectly baked normal map I previously baked out in Maya. What is going on here?

What does the Maya and Substance Painter normal maps look like next to each other ?

The fact is bake fine in Maya doesn't mean much because you will end-up exporting the mesh for Substance Painter and something wrong can always happen during that stage (especially regarding vertex normals, Maya is far form perfect on that matter).

Did you try exporting into another file format as well (such as obj) ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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