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I am following the LYNDA tutorial for substance painter as i am beginning to learn the software. I am using the assets provided with the tutorial but i am stuck at quite an early stage where the instructor is baking mesh maps for ID and AO. All my maps are baking absolutely fine as the tutorial itself but my ID map seems to be showing some issue as it's showing as Black and gray. I tried to do this step 4-5 times, initially some parts of the loader was showing the given colors in maya/mind u, some!!!!, still not perfect) but now the only color i can see is black and gray. i am attaching both the screens of how the model is appearing in maya and substance.

for ID maps you have to choose the color source and the color generator in the baker, so that painter knows, which information to transfer into ID colors

I would recommend to try out the different color sources, until you find the one, which gives you the ID colors - my guess is you have to set it to mesh ID/polygroups

Thanks a lot for the reply but I've selected the same option u mentioned but still getting the same result. I've attached the screenshot of the model in maya.

This how it looks like in maya.

did you try all of the color source modes with color generator set to random or hue shift (not greyscale)?

Although i've changed the iD color source to Material color and the instructor said the hue shift won't work after that, so i left it as it is.I wonder how come every other map is absolutely bang on like the tutorial itself accept the ID map. actually some parts are showing color but not the entire model. I've combined the entire thing into one object to check if that will make a difference but this time i am getting result given below. I am literally stuck at the initial stage of the tutorial cause if these ID's thing won't be applicable then i can't transfer a similar shaders to different parts of the JCB.

The grey color on this part seems like it's baking fine since you have grey also in your ID screenshot. Is that all there is in this texture set? If you split your mesh in texture sets the same way you split it in multiple IDs, then you will get one color per texture set.

IDs are usually set up when you need all these parts in the same UV/texture set and you need a way to easily maks them, but in your case, it seems like you already imported the mesh with one texture set per material type.

Thanks a lot to both you guys for the reply......i am such an A**!!!!! it was absolutely my mistake, as i've started a particular video again to see if i've missed a step and it turned out i had missed a big step in ID section. i forgot to click apply to all in texture set and therefore found out that it was just baking the ID of the selected part. Now i am getting the result shown underneath....

 :) glad you were able to sort it out