Author Topic: Multi-channel clone?  (Read 493 times)

I'm trying to clone more than one channel at a time but I can only clone the diffuse/base color.

The documentation is a little vague :( I've found posts from 2016 where people have asked about it (and got answers!) but I can't make the solutions work for me.

Simplest case:
  • I make a new fill layer and assign my textures to all channels that need them
    I right click on this fill layer and pick Add Paint. I make the Add Paint sub-layer Passthrough (100%)
    I make sure Add Paint is active and has all channels active
    I click on the clone tool, hold down V, and click on where my clone source should be
    I start painting.

When I do this, it clones the diffuse texture, but none of the other layers. What did I miss?

how to use the clone tool:

1. create a (regular! not fill!) layer on top of the layer stack
2. set all channels of this layer to pass through
3. switch to the clone tool
4. use v to pick, then paint

this should apply your clone brushes to all channels

Hmm - "set all channels of this layer to pass through"
Is this different from setting the Blend mode? I don't know how to set channels individually, I bet this is my problem.

by default, your channel is set to "Base Color" - set this one to "pass through", and then use the flyout to select normal, roughness, metallic channels etc to "pass through" as well