Author Topic: Substance Source Materials in Unreal Engine on a Team  (Read 507 times)

I am on a team making a game, several of us have Substance Accounts and I would like to download some Substance Source materials and create a "Material Library" for reuse among assets in the game using the Substance Plug in for Unreal - for instance a brick to use on several buildings, etc...

Is that allowable? I would not be giving the source file to anyone, only creating a material in Unreal Engine that other people would use (people that possibly did not have a Substance Account)


To be possibly even more clear and maybe help my case - the material would be a custom one that I was plugging the textures into - I wouldn't be using the generated material - if that helps my case :)

Hi GeeksGoneBad,

There are two different things : original Substance source files and derived Substance Source files

You are completely free to share the original Substance Source files within your team, as long as your teammates also have a Substance subscription.

You are however free to share and distribute content derived from the Substance Source original files to whomever you like (with or without Substance subscription), as long as the materials/textures are different enough in terms of design and in terms of feature to avoid any confusion with the original Substance Source files.

I hope this answered your question, please let me know if some things were unclear
PO @ Allegorithmic

Thanks - I am not looking to share the Source files - I understand that part of the agreement

what I am looking to do is drop the files into Unreal Engine and create materials from them that my team can apply to various assets - they would not have access to the Source file, only the derived material instance that I create

does that makes sense? it's a little different that what you are saying and also what's specified in the EULA so I want to be sure :)


From what I understand the material instance created in UE from the Source file would not differ from it in terms of design and features, which means that they still would be similar to the original files with only the format changed.

If you do modify the design and features of the material before importing them to Unreal Engine or do it there, then you would be able to share them with the rest of your team
PO @ Allegorithmic