Author Topic: Anchor Points/Micro Details in custom Generator  (Read 1107 times)

I searched and found one other post about this, but could not find an answer or .sbs to look at.

How do I use Anchor Points/Micro Details in my own custom Generator?

I understand how to use other inputs. I searched to try to find the generators from Painter in .sbs form that use anchor points but I could not find them online anywhere.


You basically just need to add a custom input somewhere in your graph that can be picked up by painter. Several of the default filters and generators does this. From memory the rust fx one for example so looking at its graph should give you a pretty good idea.

EDIT: To clarify, anything in painter with an anchor will be able to be picked up by your input, so from designers pov all you need is an input to utilize from painter. Afaik there is no special identifier for anchors. If you want to make it clear to the user that they need to paint in an a certain layer you could always set that up in painter (ie. a layer called "PAINT HERE") and then save it all as a painter tool or smart material.
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I would expect that to be the case but unfortunately it's not what I'm seeing.  :(

I have the latest version of designer. The generators listed below all have Micro Detail inputs in Painter. I opened them in substance designer, didn't see any nodes for micro details inputs but thought I missed them hidden somewhere. but when I export they aren't there either. So my guess is either these aren't the exact ones used in Painter? or Allegorithmic is doing an extra step after this to add the micro details. How are they added?