Author Topic: Where do you bake maps, 3D package (Maya, Houdini...) or Substance painter?  (Read 763 times)

When you first bring in your model, does it matter where you bake your maps? in your 3D package or Substance painter?
The first time I've done it in Substance painter (Texture set settings-> Bake Mesh Maps), it looks fine. Then I watched this allegorithmic video
I saw that he did it in Maya.
Does it matter? do you get better maps in one or the other?
same question applies to when you want to re-project UVs in Substance painter and need to re-bake.
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This is a very old video from when we didn't have bakers in Substance Painter yet. I would advise to bake directly in Painter as much as you can, it will avoid all sorts of trouble down the pipe.

Painter has one of the best bakers I've ever used to date, and I would highly recommend doing it all through Painter.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)