Author Topic: All bakes aren't visible at the same time.  (Read 1473 times)

substance doesn't display all bakes at once, seems to only display two texture set bakes at once, zooming in and out changes which bake is displayed. individual bakes have no display problem when in solo mode. Any ideas why?

What do you mean by "display all bakes at once", could you post some screenshots?

So the highpoly bake on the trouser is visible same thing for the shirt and the gloves, however the face and arm arent visble. However if i were to select the face and arm texture set, click solo mode the highpoly bake would be displayed.

Can you make sure the normal mixing option in the texture set settings for these 2 texture sets is set to Combine and not Replace?

Hi, its all set to combine, and depending on how I zoom in or move around in the viewport the high poly for the face displays, the trousers might display and the arm /gloves don't display nor does the robotic arm.

Could you try deactivating the Hardware Acceleration option under Sparse Virtual Textures in the preferences?

Hi hardware acceleration is already ticked off

Could you please attach a log file?

Hi, my log file is now attached. Thanks  :D

Doesn't seem like it went through :)

I tried attaching again

Your GPU is below the minimum specs for Painter, but one thing you could try is updating your version of MacOS X, the 10.10 version is not officially supported and we recommend updating to Sierra or High Sierra.

Hey thanks a lot, i updated my mac and now it works fine :)