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I'm just getting in to Substance (its great!). Just have a question, that I'm sure has been covered extensively but cant find!

When working with layers, how can you have the upper most layer effectively cancel out the below layers, without having to subtract the mask from top layer from the lower layer (which I also haven't figured out how to do?!)?

For instance, when I'm painting on a layer (or layer mask) I don't want the normals / height data from the lower layer to still show through. I want the layer I'm painting on to override that height / normal info.


I have the solution for you.,7500.0.html
> See picture in original post... Is that like the problem you have?
> See picture in last post (Reply #6)... Is that conceptually what you want to happen?
> Solution is in Replies #2 and #5 (the picture) and #6 (Blend = Overlay)

Please let me know if that did the job, or if you have more questions.
Good luck, and have fun.  :)

The documentation page (see Reply #4) has been updated based on my suggestion in that thread.  Allegorithmic does listen to their users.  :)
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Thanks, your solution was exactly what I needed.  :)