Author Topic: Xolotl live link question  (Read 1338 times)

I have been testing the Substance Painter Live Link plugin for some time now in combination with Maya + Redshift, which works great and is a real time saver.

A colleague of mine is setting up objects with materials exported from live link in a real production environment now, and has come across an issue.

In the texture settings it is, for some reason, not possible to access the color management features for each of the textures connected to the shader (setting something else but sRGB). This leads to washed out colors in rendering.

He can re-connect the texture manually, which gives again access to the color management, but this defeats the purpose of the plugin.

Is there some way to make the color management for each individual texture accessible by default in the plugin/ the redshift shader in Maya?


There is another problem related to tangent space normal maps - wrong redshift node is connected to the shader, leading to artifacts in the rendering.
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Noone? Plugin is not usable like this.

Hey, these tools (and the support that come with them) belongs to Ymmanuel Flores (even he now works with us):
 you have his coordinates at the end of the page ;)

Noone? Plugin is not usable like this.

Hi volker, please if you have inquiries about the plugin please do them via my discord server, if you go there you'll see that every question is answered the same day (considering im in US Central) as you can see i don't check the forums that often, and as CGVinny said, those are my plugins not allegorithmic, other reason i don't give support here, to avoid confusions in that regard

both the normal and the colorspace are configurable parameters in the maya versions, i made it that way specifically to keep that flexibility

you just need to modify two config files one for the normal format and the other one for the colorspace... contact me via discord and i'll happily guide you on how to do that