Author Topic: Unreal 4.4.0. how to instal substance designer plugin.  (Read 2744 times)

Hey everyone. am kinda new here. Just got Unreal 4 and i wanted to use the substance designer for my texturing and whatever. So how do i really install and get substance designer to work with unreal 4. Cause i've followed most on the steps. but still i get this pre-compile error which is so frustrating. Can anyone please help me, guide me through the steps and process to get this beautiful software working. :'(


I will take a look at this. Are you running 4.4.0 or 4.4.1?

I am having the same issue. For all of my projects I always get a compile error with Substance plugin dropped into the project folder. When I try to start the project it says it is missing some module and wants to compile it. When it tries it always says it failed to compile and then the project doesn't start. I have to manually add code to my project and then open it in VS to compile it. Is this really expected?
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Hi uacvax and hamzabaker40,

Plugin support in UE4 is still in the development stages, and depending on your configuration it may require a 'recompile.' Are you using 4.4 from the Unreal Engine Launcher app or one compiled from github?