Author Topic: Alternatives to 2D transformation node? Please, help 🙏🏻  (Read 1156 times)

Hi everyone! So I want to make a realistic looking tree bark texture. I used a 3D scan by Sebastian Zapata as an example.

I am quite happy with how my texture ended up looking except it is wider x-wise (horizontal-wise) than the reference.
(One of the attached images)
I tried messing with the original shapes that create the pattern but it only breaks things.
I tried using 2D transformation node but it breaks tiling any way I use it (tried different preferences) (the second attached image)

So what's your take on this? Am I missing something? Please, help

I'd suggest you modify the UVs on your mesh (make it repeat twice or more on X) rather than editing the texture so that the repetition is baked into the textures, that's certainly what is done in the render you show.

Now if you really want to make the repetition in the texture: in the transformation 2d node, click on the "matrix" button, and type in "2" in the x1 field.
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Thank you so much! Gonna try this and then post here if it worked 🙂