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Thank you Allegorithmic, Nvidia, and Wacom for this super opportunity.

I have been blown away by many of the entries.. such amazing works of art.

I thought about this for a while and thought the car was a little futuristic in design, and that Allegorithmic is always looking toward the future of 3d Design, and what the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in nature, so my theme became Sunrise- Dawn.. a New Day. I did the gradient, then thought it needed a bit more and added the doodles. and some of the emissive aspects thinking about light. Then as a variation, I turned my doodles into emissive maps. I also have a turntable rendering in Maya Arnold, however, it has been rendering for 2 days and not quite halfway done yet (Yes I really Could use the video card). Of course, after looking at all the other amazing work other ideas have come to me if I were to redo. I had a lot of fun participating anyway. I do not consider myself a pro, since I have never held a job working in 3D. I am disabled and trying to teach myself this craft, but not in a school, so I entered under pro. I do not have much expectation of winning after seeing the other entries, instead, I just hope some find my entry pleasing to the eyes.

I like the vibrant colors ! It`s trippy and cool.

:) Thanks.

Took 4 days, but the Turntable is finally rendered.