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It would be great to be able to control facility wide plugins via an environment variable to be able to dynamically update the location. It would make it possible to track the versions of the plugins and change them on per project basis depending on requirements.
As far as I know the only way to add a plugin to Painter at the moment is by physically storing it in user's preference folder which makes it impossible to control for the all the users in our facility.

I completely agree with this and it's something I've bought up to the Allegorithmic reps before. I'm now revisiting this issue a year later and there still doesn't appear to be a solution. This is desperately needed!

A workaround I've used in the past with a batch file:
  • Checks within the users config file for a project shelf, otherwise creates additional entries for a project shelf with an absolute path to the project shelf.
    This is fine for a single project, but it's a pain to manage with multiple projects.
  • Launches Painter

If your facility is using Linux, this is possible via the users Substance Painter.conf
(check out lines with pathInfos\3\ and below)
Code: [Select]
pathInfos\1\path=/<user>/Documents/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/shelf
pathInfos\2\path=/software/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/2018.2.0/resources/shelf/allegorithmic
I haven't attempted this on Windows yet, but the config appears to be registry based.

Vote in the feature request I've created below:

EDIT: For some reason I remember the plugins folder being a part of the shelf folder structure.
I was either remembering the location incorrectly or it was separated from the shelf at some point.
Either way I'll leave up this post for anyone trying to resolve the shelf issue.

EDIT 2: I can't recall where the plugin path was configured on Linux, but it may still be possible to use the method above for a similar fix.
It appears to be configurable on Windows (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\plugins).
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