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Hi guys!
I decided to draw some rough doodles on X-Taon. I believe that drawings, when they are on the car surface, must support native automotive shapes. Drawings could be astonishingly beautiful, but if they kill form - they doesn't work. So, the main goal i set for myself was to gently inscribe these doodles into X-Taon shapes, support them instead of dispute with them.
I used very rough paint as a base and glossy coated paint for my doodle elements. Everything is hand painted in Substance Painter.
Roof is made of tinted glass, cuz it's kinda cool to see the sky while driving your sportcar)

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Some really good design element in your concept.  Well done.

LOVE THIS! Simple clean great shapes, Good Color scheme and graphical Elements.

Thanks guys!

I really like the simple and classy rock'n' roll tatto style 🤘

Excellent work!! Good luck!

Alright, thank you.