Author Topic: X-TAON Alejandro Arboleda Sci-fi car  (Read 3682 times)

Hi all

For this contest I wanted in one of my designs to pay homage to science fiction, a car with a futuristic but somewhat decadent touch.
Very inspired by the classic Ford Mustang Shelby and its bands.

I wanted to reflect a car with a thousand battles, a hard veteran, I have added many normal, shots and some structure (I do not know if it is allowed, I do not know if someone can clarify it). for example, the hood or the doors.
Once this is done, I have exported it again to bake these normals and get many additional levels of curvature.
As a good science fiction car, we need to have emissives, but I did not want many.
The logos are an adpatation of some I made for some Star ships that I have done.

I have made several colors but I have stayed with white and orange, I do not know which one you prefer.
I hope you like them,

Thank you

The two models, are not the final render



Great work, my favorite!

Final Render. SCI-FI Car


WOW amazing i like ur wheels