Author Topic: X-TAON: Bio Rust  (Read 202 times)

Hi, first time posting here  :-[ .

So for this contest i wanted to limit myself to just use Substance Designer and Painter without much external hand-painting etc.

I picked something like a bio-mechanical style (Giger, Alien) and basically created a set of shapes in Substance Designer and used them as "height-maps" in Substance Painter to create an airbrush-like illustration for the car paint.

I exposed a lot of parameters for the Designer Shapes to create interesting shapes / patterns and used the 3D features in Painter (like projection) to drive the illustration by mixing the shapes with different blending modes / opacity and so on.

After I've finished with my "composition" I've ran the black and white "height-map" through some AO/ Curvature filters for extra details and than used the SPainter gradient filter to give it some colors.

That is all ! Thanks and i'll attach some renders bellow

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