Author Topic: Publish Option warning "non relative to parent" - Please explain  (Read 774 times)

Hello everybody,
When I want to publish a SubstanceDesigner Material, I get the yellow warning:
"Warning: found graph with non relative to parent x 1outputsize parameter".

I understood from tutorials, that I have to put the Output Size before publishing on "Absolute", when I want to have 4k quality.
Is that correct? Or only for map export?
Or is this the reason for the warning? I just want to make sure to have 4k quality...

How can I generate a preview image for own created substances in SD? ("Enable Icon") I did not find a tutorial...

Thanks for explanation!

You can use an absolute size without problem (That's why the message is just a warning) but usually when you use an sbsar you want the substance graph to be computed at a resolution defined by the integration : for example if you load the substance in Painter, the substance resolution will be driven by your project resolution.

So you should reset the graph size to "relative to parent" with the value 0-0, then change your working resolution using the "parent size" toolbar in the graph.

For the icon you have to generate the image yourself and put it in the graph attributes.
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